Our Catholic faith is central to our community at Amigos de Jesús, so we close each day holding hands in a circle of prayer. The children pray for you, their benefactors, their family and in thanksgiving for all they have.

While our children have few material goods, they are spiritually rich and their prayers are powerful and heartfelt. Father O’Donnell can often be heard saying “their lips are close to God’s ears.” Know they pray for you each and every day and you are remembered and held close at heart by a small family of children in Honduras, Central America.

Our children will also remember your special intentions. We would also like to ask for your prayers.  Please keep our Amigos de Jesús family in prayer especially for the health and well-being of the children, for God's wisdom for all who work with the organization, and for the children that have not yet found their way to Amigos de Jesús. Thank you.