Ruth Ceballos Children’s Home Coordinator

Ruth Ceballos
Children’s Home Coordinator

Madrina Ruth joined the Amigos de Jesus family in 2013. A dynamic, fun and loving mom to all of our children - especially the boys and young men- she is tireless in her deep love, patience, advocacy and kindness. Hailing from San Pedro Sula, she is a lawyer by trade with various administrative and legal experiences prior to coming to Amigos de Jesus. Here in our family she has truly found her niche caring for children and empowering others to share their own love and gifts with the children. Madrina Ruth is well known and respected for her unmatched energy level and the joy and enthusiasm she radiates when she is with the children. She says she loves our hyperactive little boys because she identifies so strongly with them! 

What do you like about Amigos de Jesus?

It is the place where I am happy. What I love about being part of the Amigos de Jesus family is being part of the children’s lives - children I love as my own. I get to see the strength and happiness with which they approach each day.