Sergio Tulio Pineda Agriculture Coordinator

Sergio Tulio Pineda
Agriculture Coordinator

Sergio was one of the first children to grow up at Amigos de Jesus, arriving in 2001. He was the first of the Amigos de Jesus family to graduate from high school, earning a High School degree in Agriculture in 2007 and transitioned to independence as an employee of our agriculture program in 2012, ascending into a leadership role in 2017. He has received various trainings in sustainable agriculture, child care, behavior management and childhood trauma. Sergio is a leader to our young men and women who learn not only from his knowledge, experience and skills, but from his humility and deep passion for agriculture.

What do you like about Amigos de Jesus? 

Amigos de Jesus is a place of so much love and has a great environment for all of the employees. I love the location where we can be in nature, and that each child has the space to reflect. It is a perfect space to transform lives.

What have you learned at Amigos de Jesus?

I’ve learned to be humble and to serve with love. Everything I am I learned from Amigos de Jesus.