Stephanie (steph) Blumenstock, 2017-2018 volunteer

Steph Blumenstock.jpg

Graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Biochemistry and a minor in German

Before coming to Amigos:

Before coming to Amigos I was studying Biochemistry and German at Boston College. I volunteered a lot with various service organizations in the Boston area throughout my four years there.

Motivation for coming to Amigos:

Before graduating this past May. I decided to pursue postgraduate international service, because I was looking for an experience that would push me to grow in new ways. I always admired the Jesuit ideals of my university and wanted an opportunity to actually live them out. Amigos was a great fit because I knew I wanted to work with kids, learn Spanish, and expand my faith life.


Here at Amigos, my main job is the Medical Coordinator. That means I take kids to the doctor, pass out medicine, maintain our clinic, stock and organize our medicines, manage the annual brigade, etc.