Suyapa Sabillon, Director of Human Resources and Legal Services

Suyapa Sabillon, Director of Human Resources and Legal Services

Suyapa, warmly known as “Abogada” (lawyer in Spanish), has been with the Amigos de Jesus family since 2010.  She grew up in a children’s home near Tegucigalpa and went on to finish law school in 2008. Prior joining the Amigos de Jesus family Suyapa worked for the government agency that certifies non-profits.  She obtained a Master’s Degree in Employment Law in 2016 while working more than full-time at Amigos de Jesus. Her job title means significant responsibility, as she spends the bulk of her time dealing with ever-changing laws and policies; but in reality she is and does so much more.  From helping to prepare meals, to being the most sought after event planner at Amigos de Jesus, Suyapa serves with love and dedication.  Her most important role, however, is the role of mother that she plays to Melita, who came to us as an infant and has been in Suyapa’s care ever since.  She is also now caring for Melita’s big sisters, Catalina and Julieta and the three sisters are so happy to be together. 

What do you like about Amigos de Jesus?

Amigos de Jesus isn’t my job, it’s my family.

What have you learned at Amigos de Jesus?

In the seven plus years I have been at Amigos de Jesus I have learned to become a healthy person.  I have gained self-confidence and have learned to love myself.  Only this way can I help others in need of the healing I needed to find.