Zack Fier, 2016-2018 volunteer

Graduated from The University of Arizona with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Mathematics minor

Before coming to Amigos I was attending school in Tucson, Arizona.

Motivation for coming to Amigos

About a year before I graduated college I felt called to be a long-term volunteer outside of the country. I was looking for a Catholic organization with a strong sense of community and when I began researching Amigos de Jesús I was immediately drawn. I wanted to become part of the Amigos family so I could love the kids and set a good example for them.


I am now in my second year at Amigos and will serve as the Volunteer Coordinator. My main responsibility is to be the point of contact for our volunteer community within Amigos. My other focus is tutoring. I help the younger kids with math homework and I study math and physics regularly with our young men who are in college. I will also be teaching a class on Astronomy for our after school program.