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Welcome to Amigos de Jesús


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Amigos de Jesús is currently recruiting a “Servant Director” (we are “Friends” of Jesus and “Servants” of the children) to work in our US office based in Malvern, PA.  The Director will be responsible for fundraising, development, marketing, communications, oversight of budget, general oversight of the Honduras operations, and communication with the Board of Directors. Besides skills in these areas fluency in Spanish and English and the ability to travel to Amigos de Jesús are essential.  Most important is a humble willingness to embrace and enhance the values, spirit, attitudes and culture of the Amigos de Jesús Family.


Once the Committee receives a resume and cover letter, a phone conversation will take place to discuss specific responsibilities, requirements and culture of Amigos de Jesús and the candidate. 


If you are interested or know of someone who would be good for this position please email the resume and cover letter to: 

Director’s Search Committee at amigos@amigosdejesus.org


We are POSTPONING our Donation Day. We do not yet have a new date scheduled to accept and sort donations, but please be on the lookout for an update soon!

For a list of items we need, please view our Wish List. 

For books and other school supplies, please check out our Amazon Wish List.

Amigos de Jesús (Friends of Jesus) is a home for impoverished children in Honduras.  For them, Amigos de Jesús is a safe haven.  It is their school, playground, bedroom, chapel and above all, their family. 

We provide food, clothing, shelter, education and love to over 100 children living at our orphanage. Big-eyed preschoolers, young boys, adolescents, and young adults who used to eat out of garbage cans now eat in our dining hall, sleep in our dorms, pray in our chapel, work in our woodshop, and learn life skills in our school.

Amigos de Jesús also supports hundreds of impoverished children living in local villages and shelters in other parts of Honduras, and in Guyana. This is done through our Padrino (Sponsor a Child) Program.

Everything we do is for the children. At Amigos de Jesús, we work to help boys and girls grow up to be healthy, independent Hondurans who will, in turn, help lift the spirits of other children struggling to survive in one of Central America’s poorest nations.

In December 2010, Amigos de Jesús began a Construction Campaign to grow our home’s capacity to 180 children.  It has long been the dream of Fr. O’Donnell and the Board of Directors to house girls as well as boys on-site.  In early 2012 the first new dormitories opened and we welcomed our first girl into our home.


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