Amigos de Jesús is a home for children in Honduras.


Who we are

Amigos de Jesús is a family and a home for children in Honduras located on 200 acres of rural farmland. Amigos de Jesús supports over 135 children on-site who have a unique sense of belonging within our community and financially supports over 400 children in Honduras, Guyana, Tanzania and Argentina.

Our Mission

The Amigos de Jesús family is a sanctuary of hope, healing and transformation in service to vulnerable children.

our Core Values

  • Love: Choose the good
  • Prayer: Being aware of our relationship with God in the present moment
  • Faith: An optimistic and courageous yes coming from an open-heart trusting and surrendering to God’s Good News and presence in the least and last
  • Humility: Being grounded in our own strengths and vulnerabilities- acknowledging that it is only through Jesus Christ that we come to experience our true identity.
  • Gratitude: With a joyful heart we embrace the reality that all we are and all that we have is God’s unique gift to each of us. Through this lens of awareness and with grateful hearts we view all of life’s challenges as opportunities for growth. Gracias Señor!
  • Joy: The gift of grace from the holy spirit, deep within our hearts, soul and essence. We celebrate this gift in prayer, play, song, food and honoring each other