Sponsor a Child

Become a God parent or Padrino by sponsoring a child. This is one of the most direct ways you can change the life of a young person in need. Children in Honduras, Argentina, Tanzania and in Guyana need your help. Your annual $360 donation goes directly to that child’s daily needs including education, books, food, clothes and medical expenses. Every year you will receive one letter from your child, a recent photograph and one progress report update . You can correspond with your child through our US office and get to know them as they grow and benefit through your generosity.

To sponsor a child, use PayPal to complete your sponsorship order. Choose from a recurring donation of $30 a month or $360 to sponsor a child for a full year.

Sponsor a Child with a Recurring Donation of $30/MONTH

Sponsor a child for a year with a donation of $360

Sponsorship Locations

Sponsorships are allocated according to children in greatest need. If you have a particular location in mind for your sponsorship, please indicate by sending an email to us at amigos@amigosdejesus.org so we can appropriately allocate your sponsorship.

Next Steps

Communication between the Godparent and Godchild is an important part of our Sponsor-A-Child program. Sponsors are encouraged to correspond with your Godchild to get acquainted and to foster a loving relationship. Please see our fact sheet with all the information you need on Communicating with your Child.

Amigos de Jesús has developed a Friends Fund so that Godparents can contribute gifts directly to their child. The Friends Fund provides individual gifts for your child on their birthday and on Christmas. Money from this fund also supports excursions and special events at the hogar. Please see our fact sheet about the Amigos Friends Fund to learn how to contribute.


Sandy Ciccaglione -- I was very lucky and blessed one day at my church.  We had a guest speaker, Father Dennis, who after about 5 minutes had me in tears by telling us about the former struggles of the children who came to the Amigos de Jesús Hogar.  I have sponsored Yadira since she was 8, I think... and she is now 13.  Read More...

Michael Pascarella, Jr. -- Susan and I have had a total of four foster children from Amigos over the last 11 years. One of them was Cristian Armando . Cristian was/is a wonderful boy with a big, bright smile that reaches from ear to ear.  Read More...

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