Barn Fiesta 2019
Thank You!

Thank you to all who supported our Barn Fiesta on September 21, 2019!

It was a beautiful and successful evening. More than 300 members of the Amigos de Jesús family — many familiar faces and quite a few new ones — gathered for a night of joyful communion with the children of Amigos de Jesús. All in all, we raised more than $250,000 toward the construction, furnishing, and staffing of new homes for our children.

If you made a pledge during the event, our office will be reaching out to you by phone or email in the coming days.

Thank You to the Following Committee Members and Sponsors:

Clark and Barbara Blynn
David and Tara Bramwell
Carolina and Javier Coll
Lou and Kim D'Ambrosio
Gary and Claire Daniels
Phil and Betty Harvey
Patty and Gary Holloway
Denise and Joe Juliana
Suzanne and William Lowther
Maggie and George McHugh
Joan and John Mullen
Kelly and Tim Mullen
The Neilly Family
Anita Robbins and Chris Rosati
Colleen and Tom Tegler
Teresa Fink and Stephen Varenhorst
Anne and Pat Ward
Janine and Alex Zozaya